Other Products Bluetooth + 5.8 GHz Wireless Speakers

Model number: SPK-642

SPK-642(WIOS-2), the Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Speaker system lets you enjoy stereo sound throughout your house, in your yard, on the patio, by the pool, and even on your boat. They're portable, with flip-up carry handles so you can easily bring your music with you. The battery-powered wireless speakers free you from the hassle of drilling holes, running wires. And we include AC adapters to give you even more options when your batteries run low.

WIOS-2 is a complete system that comes with two wireless speakers for rich stereo sound, a wireless audio transmitter base, remote control and three AC adapters. Simply connect you mobile device to the transmitter via bluetooth or plug in your Smart Phone, MP3 Player or any stereo music player including your PC into the base and it wirelessly sends audio to two speakers for a rich stereo sound up to 70 meters away. The weather-resistant speakers include soft blue lighting that can be turned on to provide extra ambience for nighttime enjoyment.

Whether you use them indoors or out, you'll love the sound, the sleek look, and freedom with WIOS-2.

P Bluetooth + 5.8Ghz Wireless Stereo Pair System
P Premium sound quality
P Water resistant for outdoor and indoor use
P Portable battery and AC powered - ready to take anywhere
P More than 70 meters transmission range with one transmitter
P Connects to all Smart Phones and music players
P Connects to PC's through USB
P Built-in soft blue lights for extra ambiance at night
P No-wires simple setup in minutes


P Bluetooth + 5.8Ghz Wireless technology
P Two portable Speakers for receiving left and right stereo channels
P Powered through 6xAA Batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included)
P 10W (RMS) total Output Power
P 20Hz-20K Hz Frequency response
P Operation distance of 100 meters in open area
P Blue LED's lighting effect
P 3.5mm input headphone jack, compatible with all phones and music player
P USB Audio input Jack to attach to all PC's